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7 Ways You Can Make Maths Sound Fun and Interesting To Students

If we told you that Math is everyone’s favorite subject, we are basically trying to mess with you for fun. Let’s be reasonable about this for once – Math is one of the most daunting, haunting and mind-grinding subjects that students wish never existed. To the simple-minded it feels pretty much like a maze in your mind, lost in one of a thousand ways to solve a question in order to obtain that one definite answer. Believe it or not, those negative feelings can transform into positive ones as soon as students consider the following steps with interest and joy:

1. Make A Game Out Of It
This method graciously settles in with elementary and high-school level students who are mostly attuned to a more laidback and hyperactive background. Teachers can divide the entire classroom into different groups, i.e., in columns and rows. These rows and columns could be grouped as separate house colors like blue house, red house and green house. Whichever house scores the highest wins. 

Online math games are taking off like a rocket these days and enamoring students like it very much.

2. Reward Them 
Teachers must reward their students with something so that they are more tempted and persuaded into revising their material. The reward could be a field trip, some confectionary treats, gift packages, or even extra marks. Teachers are sure to see the best results in these activities later on.

3. Elementary Workbooks
There are plenty of intriguing workbooks out there that can help students become more involved in performing and solving mathematical equations and problems. The ones mostly with colorful pictures and cartoon drawings are what excite children the most. These books are the ones that are mostly well-known and used especially in elementary education. 

4. Short Practice Questions
Students respond better through competitive activities. One of the best ways to reel them in is for teachers to prepare some simple basic arithmetic sums, problems and equations for them to accomplish with certain conditions. For example, the teachers should reward their students with something if they are able to complete 10 questions in 10 minutes. Doing so will not only get them interested, but also build their mathematical skills and abilities. is one of such sites.

5. Manipulatives
This method involves the use of a manipulative which is basically an object that is designed to induce a child’s brain by having them manipulate it in a way that evokes mathematical solving skills within them. Manipulatives have grown quite profoundly in their use in the latter half of the 20th century. Some of the most recurring manipulatives that are used by teachers today are:

  • Tangrams
  • Cuisenaire rods
  • Numicon patterns
  • Cubes 

6. Common Examples
In order to better incite the interest of mathematics in the minds of the students, teachers tend to use common examples of our everyday lives. It is a fun and indeed one of the best ways to get children to like Einstein’s favorite subject. For example, if a boy named Elmer has five types of candy in his pocket and gave two to his best friend Joe, how much will he be left with? 

Open-ended questions are a lot more fun to answer because they are usually the ones that students can relate to the most. This will provoke students into constructing their own set of examples while developing their Math skills. 

7. Support And Encourage Students
If at any point students feel stumped or grieved, then it falls upon the teachers’ shoulders to help motivate their students into making them feel that Math can be a fun subject. Share some laughs with them, play with them and introduce a number of alternative approaches to their math solving dilemma. 

No matter how many times they fail in getting the answers right, if a student lacks tutorial support from their teachers when they really needed it, they will remain stagnant in their academics and become a laughing stock. Students make mistakes as does everyone else, and it is the teachers’ job to swoon in and help them through their hurdles. 

This helps stimulate a teacher and student relationship aside from improving their math.

Anissa Lee, passion is  to write. Professionally, she’s an academic consultant and a custom dissertation writer who writes for students project dissertation. When not working, she spends her time doing photo shoots.

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