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Classroom Management Tips - How to Engage your Students

Classroom management Tips

Nothing can be difficult than engaging your students during class timings so that they perform well in the finals. Being a teacher, you may find it absolutely impossible but in actual, it is not! What if you make certain changes in sitting arrangements and introduce a bit different learning technique than before? Well, Kristine Smith, over at, has sent me some excellent advice about classroom management tips and, with her permission, I’d like to share it with you her innovative ideas that  will truly work out and help to reduce your stress during teaching in the classroom. Kristine is an education technology coordinator who frequently writes about modern teaching trends for both primary and high school students.  So, are you ready to make these little fellows attentive during lectures and other imperative class activities? If yes, then have a look at these easy ways:


Ask students to tell what you just taught

Isn’t it great to revitalize the minds of your students by asking them to tell what you just taught? Well, this technique helps you a lot in checking their memory skills along with the level of attention in the class. Also, it improves their confidence level by presenting the respective explanation in front of you.

Show them an inspiring movie

Visual learning is a fundamental option to draw your students’ attention in the class.  An interesting movie or documentary can raise their interest up to high extent because the thing which you want to teach them through lectures can easily be taught by a fascinating movie. 

Stand up and take a round

Well, this is the easiest technique that compels your students to sit attentive and note down the significant things. This practice induces them to listen carefully and stop those vague gossips that are real time wasting activities.

Throw a challenging question to answer

Students want something creative to show their skills and abilities. A challenging question which asks them to do something out of the box is the best option to enhance their interest level. By this, they engage themselves with several activities such as thinking, organizing and writing to find out the correct answer.


Remove distractions

A peaceful environment is a pre-requisite of effective learning. Remove all the distractions such as an open window, too much light and other distractive objects to create a best learning environment. This practice helps strengthen their focus and provide them a chance to perform well.


Make groups

By dividing your class strength into small groups, you can create new enthusiasm in your students to participate in group discussions. By this, they will not only learn things but also increase their speaking power in front of the entire class.


  Play a game

A little game regarding your topic of discussion will not only increase their attention but also, amplify their knowledge in a great manner. Ask certain questions related to the respective topic and see how they respond to this activity.


Encourage a student to teach lesson

It is good to ask someone to teach on your behalf just to change the traditional learning atmosphere. As the other students become excited to see their own friend, they take more interest in learning with fun.


Give small rewards

How about giving your students certain rewards on performing well in the class discussions and other activities? Well, this is the most successful idea to gain their attention. Purchase a wonderful gift or announce a cash price so that they take more interest.


Ask students to gather certain information

Last but not the least, assign them a project to gather interesting information from a book or a magazine so that they take more interest in the given activity.

Try these amazing tips to increase the level of attention of the students in the classrooms and improve your teaching process for acquiring better results.

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